Film may not be dead, but this camera is…

This evening I attempted to fix an old Minolta HI-Matic F I had sitting on my shelf… A camera repair person I am not!

About two years ago I purchased this camera for $1 at a goodwill or salvation army shop, it didn’t work then, but I figured it would be an easy fix. It sat on the shelf until tonight.

The poor Hi-Matic F sitting on my camera shelf collecting dust. It didn’t work, but it at least looked good.


As soon as I took the bottom plate off it was obvious this camera was dead.  Almost all of the wires were corroded and they started to snap from their solder points. So I did what any other person would do, I decided to go further into the camera. 🙂  Now one might assume that a fairly simple and old camera would not be that complex, but the Hi-Matic had a lot of circuit boards, springs, and wires stuffed into it.  It took me all of about 2 minutes to get it into the shape you see below.

HiMatic Broken-1-2
The Brass plate is actually the mounting plate for the lens.

So I figured the least I could do for this old camera is take some dismantled pictures and post them up on for others to see…

HiMatic Broken-1
As I started to disassemble the Hi-Matic F it started to fall apart. The corroded negative wire was not the only issue.

HiMatic Broken-1-3