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Customer Service: From a good experience to a WOW experience!

Ordering online can be a mixed bag. Its convenience is obvious, but sometimes with convenience you loose out on the customer service and product support that some products need/deserve. Luckily for us there are small family owned companies online that still know customer service, and they can take it from good to WOW!

Recently I ordered something online that I had never considered ordering….Steaks. Not just any steaks, but  Grass Fed steaks by Tendergrass Farms. As a follower of the popular blog, I had heard of Tendergrass Farms and had even looked at their site several times, however I was never compelled to place an order.  However, a few weeks ago the owner/manager David wrote a guest blog on Mark’s site discussing the processing terms in marketing beef (organic/natural/prairie raised/grass fed). Anyways, this time, based on that blog entry, I was compelled. I placed an order for their variety beef pack, a pork shoulder, and as a gift I received 8 free “steaks,” sirloin tip steaks to be exact.  Oh, they shipped my order for free too!!! Awesome!

Less than a week later my order of grass fed beef/pork arrived at my house in a cooler filled with dry ice to keep it frozen in the hot summer air. Things could have stopped here and life would have been good…. So how did they get to WOW?

Grassfed Goodness By Tendergrass Farms
Grassfed Goodness By Tendergrass Farms

Well, I’m kind of new to the “grass fed” beef thing. If you have never looked in to the differences between Grass Fed and (the now conventional) feed lot corn fed beef, please look into it. There is a huge difference in how the animals are treated from what they eat to how they live. For that reason alone grass fed beef should be the choice. But the benefits to us as consumers of the product are night and day too.  Since every kindergartner knows that cows eat grass and not corn, we should assume that all that corn does some bad stuff to the cows…. For brevity I’m going to suggest you Google “grass fed vs feedlot beef” just to see the differences for yourself.

Anyways….  Back to my experience…  So with all of the differences between Grass Fed and Feedlot beef, there is a major taste difference. I was not ready for this…. So, after eating my first Rib-eye steak, I thought something was majorly wrong with the meat. It didn’t taste like the steak I was used to, it wasn’t a bad taste, but it wasn’t a great taste either. Needless to say I was majorly disappointed. I really wanted to “LOVE” this steak. I didn’t want to switch back to feedlot beef.

Rib-eye getting ready to be grilled.
Rib-eye getting ready to be grilled.

That same day I received an email from David at Tendergrass, titled “I think we might owe you some money”,  basically requesting my feedback, and stating that if I was not 100% satisfied they wanted, nay, they needed to know!  So, disappointed and frustrated I called him (on his personal cell phone that he lists on his emails no less). He answered and was happy to hear from one of his unsatisfied customers. It was strange… He took the time to bring me through why the steak might have tasted “off.” It all made sense.  Now most companies could have said…” Well there you have it. We trouble shot your problem, is there anything else we can answer for you… nope… okay have a great day.”  David wasn’t going to do that, nope he asked me what would make happy. I didn’t expect a return/refund, I mean… I had his steaks in my freezer. I just wanted to enjoy the product I had. He had solved the mystery of the off flavors, so not a whole lot left to do… I’m not going to go into the details of what was done for me. Lets just say… WOW!!! More that I would have ever asked for.  David explained to me why/how they can be this customer focused. One, they are a small farm and word of mouth is HUGE for them. Two; I’m going to buy from them again. It may not be beef (i’m still trying to work through the difference in the flavor), but they offer pork, chicken and turkeys that are all raised natural and organically. Three: I just informed him that some people out there may be experiencing this “flavor” issue that they might need addressed. I could potentially have just saved or gained them customers by raising this issue. For him it was a small price to pay to make me happy and to gain that knowledge, and he was happy to do it.

Okay, so why am I posting this on my photography blog? Well, I am small and word of mouth has been huge for me. Yeah, I don’t offer a physical product that can be ordered and shipped online(yet), but my service is just as much based on customer satisfaction as a Tendergrass’s Grass Fed Steak. If someone calls me with an issue I am going to take care of it. I want/need feedback on my work. I must rely on my customers to tell me where I’m headed and if I am getting off course.

So if you ever have a question, comment, critique please let me know, I ‘m happy to listen and hopefully take you from a good experience to a WOW experience. Also, if you are looking into the grass fed beef, please check out, a lot of great products from a company that understands what it takes to make its customers go WOW!